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      Founded in 2010, Shaanxi Lighte Optoelectronics Material Co., Ltd provides R&D and manufacturing services of OLED materials and pharmaceutical intermediates in China and worldwide.

      In January 2016, Shaanxi Lighte Optoelectronics Material Co., Ltd was honored to become a publicly-traded company (STOCK: 835249).

      Shaanxi Lighte Optoelectronics Material Co., Ltd


      Shaanxi Lighte Optoelectronics Material Co., Ltd was established in 2010 as an integrated company of production, education and research. In only ten years, taking fine chemicals to create a better life as its mission, based on high technology and R&D innovation, it has established joint laboratories with many well-known universities and has undertaken a number of national and provincial scientific research projects. In 2016, the company made significant breakthroughs in the R&D of OLED materials and intermediates, formed independent intellectual property rights, filled the domestic gap and broke the product monopoly of foreign countries for many years. The domestic supply pattern has been changed since then. Our company has already established full cooperation with domestic key display industry customers.


      In 2017, the company added a new strategy of pharmaceutical intermediates. Scientific research and the market go hand in hand and develop rapidly. Our company has a place in the domestic and foreign markets in the field of OLED materials and intermediates. We look forward to becoming an influential pharmaceutical R&D and production outsourcing organization (CDMO) in the next five years.


      The major success of OLED intermediates and materials has laid a solid foundation for the company’s higher and farther development. The provincial key experimental base and two fine chemical production bases with an annual output of 500 tons support our deep cultivation development in depth in the fine chemical plant industry. In 2019, the company put R&D and manufacturing services of materials and intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates, and electronic grade high-purity chemicals as its long-term development strategy on the agenda. We have the comprehensive capabilities of route development, small test, pilot test and commercial scale-up production services. The comprehensive application of ERP management system and the implementation of total quality management ensure that we can provide reliable services to customers safely and efficiently.


      We look forward to establishing contact with more excellent partners at home and abroad.





      We focus on developing

      innovative solutions for fine chemicals

      with an extraordinary and rapid response

      in a way of high integrity, thorough consideration and mutual cooperation.

      Our core value is the cornerstone of our identity, position and behavior. In the process of discovery, research and innovation, and business development, we are and will always be guided by our core value.


      Safety and health

      We are committed to protecting the safety and health of our employees, contractors, customers and the people in our communities.


      Respect and Equal treatment 

      We treat and respect our employees and all partners with professionalism, and maintain

      their dignity, so as to create a working environment of brainstorming, continuous innovation and self-transcendence.


      High standards of professional ethics

      We uphold high standards of professional ethics, abide by disciplines and laws, and strive to become a respectable corporate citizen within a reasonable range.


      Protect the Earth

      We discover sustainable solutions powered by technology for our customers, and always pay attention to protecting the environment and the natural resources of the earth when managing our business-not only for today, but also for our descendants.


      Established in 2010


      Provincial key laboratory


      Apply for a patent


      Scientific research personnel


      • In 2019

        In 2019

        the company moved to Chang'an Communication Industrial Park in high-tech zone.
        Obtained ISO14001 certificate and QC080000 certificate.

      • In 2018

        In 2018

        Provincial class?laboratory broke ground
        OLED materials have winned all?key domestic customers

      • In 2017

        In 2017

        Pucheng plant broke ground?with a designed capacity 500 tons.
        Obtained OHSAS18001.

      • In 2016

        In 2016

        Proudly became public company, LIGHTE OPTOELECTRONICS?NO.: 835249
        OLED materials development formed independent intellectual property rights.

      • In 2015

        In 2015

        Undertook the first national key scientific research project.
        Obtained the ISO9001 certificate.

      • In 2014

        In 2014

        Become a joint-stock company

      • In 2013

        In 2013

        LTOM's OLED organic intermediates were exported to foreign markets.

      • In 2011

        In 2011

        R&D center was established at xi'an National Civil Aerospace Base..
        Chenggu plant broke ground.






      Our Vision

      The world's most reliable manufacturer of pharmaceutical intermediates and OLED intermediates in terms of speed and cost.


      Our Mission

      Continuously achieve self-breakthrough in R&D to respond to customer’s needs faster.


      Core Values 

      We focus on developing innovative solutions for fine chemicals with an extraordinary andrapid response in a way of high integrity, thorough consideration and mutual cooperation.



      • 信遠集團
        LTOM 2020 Summer Basketball Game (group match II)
      • 信遠集團
        LTOM 2020 Summer Basketball Game (group match I)
      • 信遠集團
        LTOM's 2020 First Half Year Birthday Party
      • 信遠集團
        2020 LTOM's Team Building
      • 信遠集團
        Science and technology lead to create brilliance together
      • 信遠集團
        Enterprise annual meeting
      • 信遠集團
        Dream sets sail to cast brilliance together
      • 信遠集團
        Science and technology lead to create brilliance together
      • 信遠集團
        Expand training

      China's well-known developer and manufacturer of OLED materials

      and intermediates as well as Pharmaceutical intermediates.

      STOCK: 835249


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